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Online Consultation

Perth Women’s Physio offers online women’s health consultations because it is extremely effective at helping a woman get a diagnosis and allows her to receive appropriate, quality information to manage her problematic symptoms.  Perth Women’s Physio uses a safe, secure, quality digital platform to hold the telehealth consultation. Initial and subsequent sessions are available and can be booked online. You can organise an appointment quickly, at a time that suits you, in the convenience of your own home or workplace. Click here for more information.

Traditional Appointment located at Mt Hawthorn, Perth Western Australia.

At Perth Women’s Physio, we are a team of experienced physiotherapists who have specialised in Women’s Health. We are passionate about empowering women to live their lives, by helping them to resolve any current issues and setting goals for achieving optimum health in the future.

We are currently located in Mount Hawthorn in Perth Western Australia. You are welcome to book a traditional physiotherapy appointment using our online booking system or by contacting the clinic on 08 6555 6558. You can choose between an initial physiotherapy appointment or a subsequent appointment.

Initial Physiotherapy Appointment:

An initial physiotherapy appointment is essential if you are making an appointment for the first time with Perth Women’s Physio. It will allow plenty of time for a thorough assessment which is essential for providing you with an accurate diagnosis. In most cases it will allow time for education about your diagnosis, a discussion of treatment options and your personal goals, and beginning of treatment if appropriate. We recommend that you allow 60 minutes for this appointment.

Subsequent Appointment Information:

A subsequent appointment is recommended for follow up treatment sessions. It may involve some reassessment and provision of treatment as discussed in the initial appointment. This appointment is also appropriate for women who have completed their initial assessment with an online consultation and have been recommended to seek face-to-face treatment. We recommend that you allow 30 minutes for this appointment.

If you need assistance in deciding which appointment is appropriate for you, please contact us via email or call 08 6555 6558 for more information.