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Direct Referral Option for Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor or another health professional and you would like to refer a patient directly to Perth Women’s Physiotherapy then please click on the link below to complete an online referral form.

Online Referral Form

Preferred Provider List

Perth Women’s Physio will be providing advice and online consultations to women throughout Australia. Some of these women will be advised to seek a traditional one-on-one physiotherapy session to achieve an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment. Or they may be advised to seek a certain group exercise class such as Pilates or Mums and Bubs Fitness.

We are hoping to create a database of preferred providers to which we can refer our clients to. They will come with some understanding of their condition, with further assessments such as bladder diaries completed, and may be pre-informed about the treatment options available to them. Our clients want to see a physiotherapist (or other allied health professional) who is experienced with their condition, and who will work closely with them, empowering every individual to resolve their symptoms so they can live their lives.

Please be aware that each of our clients will be asked to provide private feedback on their appointment with their allied health provider and this will guide any future referrals. Perth Women’s Physio Members are offered a $10 discount on their assessment costs at some clinics.

Would you like to be on our preferred provider list?

Please email us at and we will send you the relevant information and forms that will allow you to make the decision and hopefully join our team!


No positions are currently available.

Do you think Perth Women’s Physio may be the perfect job for you? Please forward your resume to and we will contact you when employment opportunities arise.