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Online Telehealth Consultations

Perth Women’s Physio offers online women’s health consultations because it is extremely effective at helping a woman get a diagnosis and allows her to receive appropriate, quality information to manage her problematic symptoms.  Don’t just ask Dr Google – you will probably get conflicting and misleading information that may cause you to be anxious and confused.

Traditional physiotherapy appointments involve an assessment, diagnosis, a treatment plan and then provision of the treatment. We tend to think treatment must involve manual “hands on” therapy. However, education and exercise prescription has been shown to be more effective at helping women achieve long term improvements. Women’s health physiotherapy normally involves lots of questions and delving into bladder, bowel, pain and sexual habits. This is essential for an accurate diagnosis. Then the correct advice can be provided, appropriate exercise prescription, and referral to a health professional if it is required.

Perth Women’s Physio uses a safe, secure, quality digital platform to hold the telehealth consultation. Initial and subsequent sessions are available and can be booked online. You can organise an appointment quickly, at a time that suits you, in the convenience of your own home or workplace. There is no time wasted on travel or parking. Nor is there the stress of taking a baby out of the house with or without other children.

Online consultations are perfect for women who live in rural areas of Australia. There is no cost of travel and accommodation and you will get many suggestions of how to manage your condition independently. Then if a face-to-face consultation is recommended, your appointment will be more effective, as you will be able to complete key assessments such as bladder diaries prior your appointment.

Your individualised program and advice will be emailed to you at the completion of the appointment. The online consultation can be recorded, so you can listen to any advice provided again – very useful for the foggy mummy brain caused by sleep deprivation. There is also the option to continue communication via email so any extra questions you have will be answered.

If we believe you would benefit from a face-to-face assessment or treatment, we will be able to recommend a health professional in your area from our preferred provider database. We can also provide advice on which health professional may be beneficial for you, what questions or investigations you should request and provide written or verbal handovers as required.

If you are not sure if your condition is appropriate for an online consultation, please contact us. Or you can click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about the online telehealth consultations.