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The Mummy Files Program for Postnatal women

The Mummy Files is an essential program for women who have recently had a baby. It is an extensive resource covering all aspects of postnatal recovery and includes 3 exercise programs appropriate for early, mid and late postnatal recovery. It is designed by Libby Borman, a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health and postnatal care.

The Mummy Files is the product of Libby’s passion to ensure all women have access to quality, trusted information no matter which type of birth, or where baby was delivered. Libby’s seventeen years as a physiotherapist, and as a mother of 4 boisterous boys, means she understands what information women need to get their posture, flexibility and strength back so they can live the lives they want to. She also wants women to understand the common consequences of pregnancy and childbirth, and receive appropriate advice to ensure the recovery of the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles is optimised.

The Mummy Files membership is complemented by the online telehealth consultations, so women with particular postnatal concerns, can request an assessment and receive individualised advice and exercise prescription. Click here to organise a telehealth consultation today.

The Mummy Files includes a safe, affordable exercise program which can be done anywhere and anytime. Exercises cater for early, mid and late postnatal stages and can often be done with bub and older children joining in. The exercises are in video and written format to help you access them anywhere and to do them correctly.

Empower yourself, or a friend to start the postnatal journey fully informed and safely getting their strength and fitness back today!

How do I know if this program is right for me?

  1. Have you had a baby in the past 6 months?
  2. Do you want to get strong and fit again?
  3. Do you want to prevent a prolapse in the future?
  4. Do you have any concerns about your perineal and abdominal recovery?
  5. Do you have any concerns about your bladder, bowel or sexual function?
  6. Do you need a program that you can participate in from home, at any time, and that you can listen to again as your brain is fogged from sleep deprivation?
  7. Would you like access to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and other new mothers in our Private Facebook Group?

What does it cost?

There are two payment options:

  1. One easy payment of $150 (which gives you a 6 month membership)

For the new mum who knows life is busy and that it is going to be a 6 month journey.

  1. Monthly payments of $30 (which you can continue or cancel at your leisure)

For the new mum who is extremely focused on their postnatal exercises and read everything quickly.

Perth Women’s Physio members are eligible to a $10 discount to all online and face-to-face physiotherapy consultations and get access to the preferred provider database on request.

Click here to view our FAQ For the Mummy Files Program.