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The Pelvic Floor Muscle Challenge Newsletter

Let’s be honest, pelvic floor muscles can be difficult and boring! And despite our best intentions they can get neglected in our busy lives. This is why the Perth Women’s Physio team have come up with this newsletter. Each week, it will magically appear in your inbox and hopefully not in your junk mail.  The newsletter will contain a different challenge each week. It may be encouraging you to integrate your pelvic floor exercises into a functional activity or working on their strength, endurance or timing.

There will also be additional information on a topic that is relevant to pelvic or women’s health concerns. Learn about normal fluid intake, how often you should wee, optimum fibre for regular bowel habits and many other important topics.

Some women may need to choose to start with the Beginners PFM program. This is important for women who are just beginning in their pelvic floor recovery. Click here for information about the Beginners PFM program.

Perth Women’s Physio highly recommends you book an online consultation if you have any of the following concerns that may indicate problems with your pelvic floor muscle function.

  • Bladder urgency or leakage.
  • Bowel urgency or leakage.
  • Pain with sexual intercourse or inserting tampons.
  • Pelvic or sacroiliac joint pain.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms including vaginal heaviness, lumps or bulges.


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